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Maxima Tech exists to get you more business from the internet. We help you secure a high return on your investment using automated digital marketing strategies. We will promote your website and business by putting you in front of millions of people interested in what you offer. Our services are  affordable and yield result. Services we offer include; search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertisement, paid media optimization, mobile and app marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. Let’s help you take your business to the next level. We employ latest technological innovations to deliver automated campaign to reach people  interested in your offer.

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If you want a new website or you need a little TLC, we can revamp your online presence through our web design and development. Maxima Tech has helped hundreds of clients in putting their image online. Either it’s for business, church or it’s a personal websites, we will do it to suit you. Above all, we will optimize your website to generate the best result that you need. Our website design professional are here to help you meet your website design and development needs. We are aware that there are many companies who offer website design. What sets us apart from the rest is that our website designers are extremely passionate in what they do. Our website designers take it to the next level.

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Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized mobile solutions for each client. Maxima Tech is well known to craft the most innovative & eye catchy mobile apps & websites. We offer a wide range of customized services in mobile apps, website development, AR-VR Development, Game Development, Blockchain Development and much more. Our skilled team & our products are engineered to bring growth to your business. We believe in delivering the services without compromising on time and quality. We architect and code hard-core iOS and Android mobile apps, built for scale and security. We don’t shy away from building custom web platforms either.


Discover how our tried-and-true social media strategies boost user engagement, brand awareness, and deliver awesome (and measurable) data. From monitoring social media activity and writing content to interacting with fans via social networks and encouraging the adoption of various social media tools, our expertise can be leveraged to achieve successful branding and marketing strategies for you. We offer social media management and marketing services across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and others. We can help you increase your social media followership and engagement in no time. Get in touch today and revive your social media presence

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Location: Remote Job Type: Full-Time Your role You will work closely with our CTO and other developers to further develop the core Mailbird platform. You will be expected to take the lead when it comes to the research, planning, and designing of these new features, and you will participate in our weekly sprint meetings with […]

Best Digital Marketing agency in Nigeria: A how to choose guide

Discover how to choose your digital marketing agency. Choosing the right digital marketing agency is one of the the keys to a successful online campaign. This write up will guide you in choosing a digital marketing agency that suites you.

Internet Domain Names

A domain name can be compared to a sign post pointing to a particular shop on the street, however in it own case, a domain name points to the location of a particular document on the internet. Due to the difficulty normally encountered in remembering IP address, the domain name was introduced. A domain name […]